Review:  Diet Cig at Ortlieb's in Philadelphia Sept. 29, 2015

Review: Diet Cig at Ortlieb’s in Philadelphia Sept. 29, 2015

Went down to see Diet Cig last night at Ortlieb’s in Philadelphia last night to see what all the growing hype was about.  I think the hype is justified!

Singer Alex Luciano was a superstar performer up on the stage, and Noah Bowman was smashing super hard and punchy on the drums.  Together they are very compelling.  Most of the tunes they played were short catchy pop punk to my ears, and their continued road gigs are making them very tight.

This is a duo who is usually found performing at house shows, and it’s breaking some new ground for them on this particular tour, which is mostly “legit” venues.  Which was great for me, but for their large fan base here in Philly not so much – they’re underage and clubs aren’t where they hang.  But this was out of the kitchen and on the stage for Diet Cig.

Of course, they audience loved them.  Rock and Roll Vegetarian says watch out for this duo!