Philly's Khyber Pass is very good food for us Vegetarian/Vegans.

Philly’s Khyber Pass is very good food for us Vegetarian/Vegans.

I don’t know why it took us so long to finally go and eat at Kyber Pass. Possibly it was because I think I performed there MANY years ago, and it wasn’t a good gig? Which of course wasn’t their fault – we had no fans in Philly at all! But so many people have told me that this is their favorite spot for good vegan food in all of Philadelphia. So finally we went – and it was really very very good!

The Khyber Pass has a lot of vegan choices. They have vegan chili, and a few other vegan dishes that you can find at other places. But also they do a great job with imitation meats, which seem to be out of fashion at a lot of vegan places. So, if you are a fan of things you loved as a meat eater and want to try a vegan option, this place is great. We had a vegan Po’Boy sandwich, with vegan fried chicken. Now, to be truthful, I always loved fried chicken. Of course when I realized how chickens were raised, I stopped eating them. So wow, I was excited for some fried vegan chicken – it was great!

To top it off – they have true “cask ales”! This is another thing I don’t find enough of. When the Rock and Roll Vegetarian heads over to the UK, this is a big draw. I just love the true english ales from a hand drawn cask. If you’ve never had such ale, I recommend. Of course, it’s a bit different and not for everyone. It’s a bit low on the carbonation. And a bit warmer than most US beer is served. It’s not hoppy, and not sweet. They even have two different ones at the Khyber Pass.

So, I say this place makes sense as a great place for non meat eaters. I’ll be there a lot.