Dinner at Vedge Restaurant with Some Friends.

Dinner at Vedge Restaurant with Some Friends.

I had dinner last night at Vedge.  By now I’ve been there several times, but for some reason it was especially nice last night.  One day I am going to do a proper review for this restaurant – but not today.

Today I’m just giving a look into this great spot, Philadelphia’s most nationally respected vegan restaurant.

Just off the bar we entered a small dining area.  Vedge has a few different dining areas, and this one was just a few tables and a gas fireplace pushing out some welcome heat on a cold night.

We ordered 7 dishes for the three of us, and then shared a desert.  Vedge does small plates, and each is really finely crafted both in taste and presentation.  It can be a little hard to all share everything, but that’s what we did.  Some careful knife work was needed to break it all into bites, yet we did it.  Thankfully they gave us serrated knives.

Our food excursion included an assortment of “fancy radishes” each done differently, the always great salt raosted gold beets, a spicy grilled tofu, wood roasted carrot with kimchee, hakurei turnips and also nebrodini mushrooms “as fazzoletti”.    I have made a few of these dishes at home, with the Vedge Cookbook, yet it’s really best to have them made for you at Vedge if you can!

I’m going to just say a simple “wow this food was great”.  But that seems a little reserved – the three of us, on our second visit to Vedge together, were really blown away yet again by the food, and left in a nice discussion of how perfect the night had been.   Can’t recommend this wonderful, special restaurant enough.  It’s a gem.